It’s no secret that entrepreneurs and solopreneurs “think differently”; they ask provocative questions and approach business in a much more creative way. Successful entrepreneurs and solopreneurs never stop learning. EDUCATION allows us to gain a competitive edge, create forward-thinking strategies, innovate and offer our clients a better experience.  

Day 1 of the SWARM Retreat will be focused on EDUCATION.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn techniques from experts in technology, accounting / taxes, finance and business strategies that will help them grow their business and enhance their daily lives.


Collaboration increases the chances of ASSOCIATIONS between ideas that result in an innovative combination. Collaborative feedback SPEEDS up necessary iterations. Collaboration results in more CONNECTIONS to people that can help push a good idea forward. Collaborative teams provide ENERGY and help overcome the expected resistance. Collaboration helps ideas reach IMPLEMENTATION. 

Day 2 of the SWARM Retreat is focused on COLLABORATION. Attendees will be broken up into small group cohorts to allow for intimate discussions, idea sharing, team building and collaboration. 


Do you ever notice your best ideas happen in the shower?  When we have a RELAXED state of mind, we're more likely to turn attention inwards, making insightful connections. In contrast, when we are diligently focused, our attention tends to be directed outward, toward the details of the problems we’re trying to solve. While this is necessary when solving problems analytically, it prevents us from detecting the connections that lead to insights. That’s why so many insights happen while we are in the shower.

SWARM is a RETREAT rather than a conference. We are carefully curating the SWARM experience to allow you to connect with nature, develop opportunities and make insightful connections in a beautiful location that will also inspire creativity. And, our dress code is comfortable! 


why swarm? 

  SWARM RETREAT CURATOR    Jen Newman, CPSM , Chief Experience Officer -       Ignite Coaching & Consulting            


Jen Newman, CPSM , Chief Experience Officer - Ignite Coaching & Consulting       

 SWARM RETREAT CURATOR  Joy Guinn, CPSM, FSMPS, Partner / Principal -  Guinn Consulting Engineers


Joy Guinn, CPSM, FSMPS, Partner / Principal - Guinn Consulting Engineers

Sometimes called collaboration on steroids, Intelligent Swarming is a method for aligning resources. It involves removing the tiers of support and, when appropriate, calling on the collective expertise of a “swarm” of experts.  Intelligent swarming leads to skill development by dynamically creating  capability and capacity. It also optimizes people’s ability to contribute and create value. Intelligent swarming also aids in improving client experience through improved problem solving, by increasing reach, relevance and diversity. 

As professional services consultant's, we love that we get to help firms grow their people and profits. As micropreneur's, we found that we were missing the collaboration we desired and needed to grow ourselves and our businesses. We also recognized the importance of collaboration in being able to serve our clients well.  As we talked with other consultants, we found that many of them were feeling the same way and were looking for opportunities to collaborate and create cohorts to discuss the specific challenges we face.

Out of these discussions, the SWARM Retreat was born to give consultants the opportunity to break out of their silo's and connect with others who face the same challenges. We are all better when we come together.  


who should attend?

consultants who serve: ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING, CONSTRUCTION, LEGAL, ACCOUNTING, technology, healthcare & any other professional service


We can't wait to see you in Lake Tahoe Fall 2019.


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Sponsorship packages are currently being developed. We will be seeking speaker sponsors - our primary speakers will be sponsors who are experts in accounting, financial planning, technology, social media, legal, contracting, entrepreneurial growth and more that want to have the opportunity to get in front of Professional Services Consultants.